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Sunday, January 26, 2020
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Book Distribution – this missing link

David Thomas Roberts

Book Distribution – this missing link



The publishing industry is going through rapid change and chaos. What really has to happen with your book for it to end up on retail book shelf? Understanding the retail book chain procurement and distribution cycles.


Defiance Press & Publishing partners with authors via traditional and hybrid publishing models to build their brand as an author, with strategic promotion and media presence principally in fiction, business and non-fiction genres. Defiance has a major distribution deal wherein our authors' titles are placed in the major retailers' procurement cycles and are actively pitched by an outside sales force. Your readers can't find your book if it's not in a bookstore or online. We offer distribution that you can only get through the very largest traditional publishers.


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Naturalized Texan, David Thomas Roberts’ first political thriller, "Patriots of Treason," was published in 2012. Demand for a sequel to the action-packed plot was carried forward in the second book in the series, "A State of Treason," which won numerous awards, including several Best Fiction Book of the Year 2016 awards from notable book clubs. Roberts' third book in his Patriot Series, "Purge on the Potomac," is set for release in early 2018.


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