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Monday, November 12, 2018
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Dallas Geeks & Texas Authors Benefit

At the Authors Marketing Event last July, we had the duo team known as the Dallas Geeks attend and video tape any author that wanted to talk about their books. This was a free service that we offered and are happy to do again next year for those joining us in San Antonio

The guys finally worked their magic and edited some of the shows and have scheduled to add the shows to their site. The first show posted is of JoAnn Wagner author of Sir Pigglesworth. Links for the shows are added each we below.

Each week a new author will be added to their website, which allows for the authors to promote the video and add the link to their websites. A great promotional tool we are thrilled to make available to the authors that attended AME.

Here is a list of the authors and the dates their video will appear on the Dallas Geeks website.

Date Author & Genre

26-Aug JoAnn Wagner - Fiction (Children's)

2-Sep Mary Ann Faremouth - Non-Fiction (Recruiting)

9-Sep Danielle Vann - Fiction (Mystery)

16-Sep Judith Briles - Non-Fiction (Publishing)

23-Sep CJ Peterson - Fiction (Fantasy)

30-Sep Deborah Chelette-Wilson - Non-Fiction (Psychology)

7-Oct Renne Siewers - Fiction (Sci-fi Mystery)

14-Oct Tui Snider - Non-Fiction (Travel)

14-Oct Tweed Scott - Non-Fiction (Travel)

21-Oct Penny Richards - Fiction (Historical Mystery)

28-Oct Bessie David - Non-Fiction (Memoir)

18-Oct Chenda Moore - Non-Fiction (Autobiography)

30-Oct Story Rocket – Author Service

4-Nov Shanna Spence - Fiction (Historical)

11-Nov Kim Robinson - Non-Fiction (Biography)

18-Nov Patty Wiseman - Fiction (Romantic Mystery & Children's)

18-Nov Catherine Green - Fiction (Children's)

25-Nov Charlotte Canion - Non-Fiction (Self-Help)

2-Dec Lydia Mann - Fiction (Fantasy)

9-Dec Thomas Grooms - Non-Fiction (History)

9-Dec Karlyn Fedora - Non-Fiction (History)

16-Dec Laree Bryant - Fiction (Mystery)

23-Dec Carol Cook - Non-Fiction (Humor)

30-Dec Kimberly Fish - Fiction (Historical)

6-Jan Alan Steelman - Non-Fiction (Yoga)

13-Jan Aaron Zook - Fiction (Mystery)

13-Jan Tom Nichols - Fiction (Military Thriller)

20-Jan Terry McMullin - Non-Fiction (Autobiography)

27-Jan Jeanne Covert - Screen Writer & Fiction (Thriller)

3-Feb Hellen Munday - Non-Fiction (History)

10-Feb Burkey & Breakfield - Fiction (Sci-fi Thriller)

17-Feb Linda Lattimore - Non-Fiction (Self-Help)

17-Feb Anne Redelfs - Non-Fiction (Self-Help)

24-Feb Sandy Steen - Fiction (Mystery & Romance)

3-Mar James Myers - Non-Fiction (Self-Help)

10-Mar Alan Bourgeois - Non-Fiction (Memoir)